Using geo-targeting feature, you can redirect users to the relevant web page / site based on their country. We use the IP address of the user to identify the country where the user is from. There are several advantages of using Geo targeting.

Some real time examples,

  • Amazon affiliates: Product links in amazon differs based on region. If you have user base that is spread across the globe, it is hard to share multiple links for multiple region. For example, if you share a product link that is from, users from India will see Amazon US instead of Amazon India. To maximize your revenue, you can generate separate amazon links for each region and use geo targeting to redirect users based on country. This way you end up sharing only a single link to end users and Ctiny takes care of making them land in the product page in the correct region.

  • Multiple language support: Most apps at present support multiple languages. You can show the relevant language for users from different region.

  • Currency: For e-commerce websites, you can make the user land in the page with the currency of the country where the user is from. This enhances the user experience since the user doesn't need to make the change manually.

To configure geo-targeting, follow the below steps.

1. In the main dashboard, click the edit button of the link for which you want to configure geo-targeting.

2. Click the geo targeting modal to expand the configuration option.

3. Click on the + button and select the country from dropdown. In the Targeted link field, enter the url where you want the users from the country to be redirected to.

In the above example, using the short link,