A/B tests are run to determine which version of a page performs better. This is basically achieved by splitting 50% of the requests between two different pages. Some of the use cases are,

  • You can determine if the new landing page is performing better or not
  • You can position a call to button in different places and see which one gets more clicks
  • and many more..

To configure A/B testing for a link, 

1. From the main dashboard, click the edit button for the link you want to configure A/B testing,

2. Click on the A/B testing modal to expand the options to configure.

3. The Original Page field by default will be the original url and you cannot edit this. In the Variation Page field, enter the url of the page you want to test against. 

4. Click the Update button to save the configuration

Once configured, the requests to the short url will be split 50:50 to Original and Variation page.