Re-targeting is one of the powerful feature of Ctiny that helps in re-targeting your audience. The conversion rate is high when you re-target people who have already visited your website. With Ctiny you can not only re-target people who have visited your website but any other site for that matter. For example, if you want to create a segment of watch lovers, you can attach your re-targeting pixel to any content in the internet that deals with watches. Whenever a user clicks on your link which is also attached with the re-targeting pixels, the pixel gets fired before being redirected to the actual page.

You can attach any number of pixels from different networks that Ctiny supports for a given link. 

Note: You need to be either in starter or professional plan in order to create and attach re-targeting pixels to your links. Also make sure you enable the GDPR and CCPA compliant popup if you are using the re-targeting feature in your links.

Follow the below steps to create and attache re-targeting pixels to your links

1. From the menu on the left, click on 'Re-targeting pixels'

2. Choose a network,  give it a name and enter your pixel id. Follow the same for adding more pixels.

3. Edit the link which you want to attach the pixels to. Click the drop down under Re Targeting option. Select the pixels which you want to attach to the current link.