Make your link management easier by grouping your links in different folders. The Folder feature is not available in free plan. You can create a maximum of 2 folders in Starter plan and 10 folders in Professional plan. 

Passing in a folder name while generating a short link is optional. If you do not pass a folder name, it gets tagged to a "Default" folder. The Default folder is a special folder that is available by default and you cannot delete / update this folder.

Below steps explain how you can create a folder and use it.

  1. To create a folder, you can click the "Create Folder" button in the main dashboard page.

  2. Next, enter the name of the folder and click Create.

  3. After creating the folder, you'll see the new folder in the drop down of link creation form.

  4. Once creating the link within this folder, you can easily list the links within a folder by selecting it from the drop down of the Links table.

Below steps explain how you can delete a folder.

  1. Select the folders option in the left menu

  2. Click the delete button

  3. You'll see a popup. Click the Delete button to confirm the deletion of the folder. Important thing to note here is, when you delete the folder the corresponding links tagged to the folder won't get deleted. Instead the links will get un-tagged from the folder.