Ctiny.io is predominantly a digital / affiliate marketing tool that can be use to shorten, brand, re-target and get deeper insights on how your link performs. 

Extensive features at affordable price

Ctiny is the most affordable product in this segment in the global market without compromising on features that other products offer. In fact, some of the features we offer are unique and only available with Ctiny. Below are some of the core features that you can make use of to improve conversion / leads for your product

  • Re-TargetingOne of the most effective features of Ctiny is re-targeting. Re-targeting is a method to target the same audience who have previously visited your website / app with ads. This increases the conversion rate of your product since you are targeting a user who are already aware / interested.

  • Mobile TargetingEasily redirect users based on their device ( Android and Apple). You can just share a single link and Ctiny takes care of redirect to respective destination url

  • Geo TargetingRedirect users to relevant destination url based on their country. 

  • Link ExpirationYou can expire a link based on number of clicks or time. You can enable or disable link expiration at any time.

  • Password ProtectYou can make your short link private by enabling password protect. Users have to enter a password in order to get redirected to the actual url. You can enable or disable password protect at any given time.

  • QR CodeYou can download your short url as QR code in png or svg format. This makes it easier to use it in printable promotions.

  • Custom Domain: By default, Ctiny provides a common domain (ctiny.me) that can be used to generate short links. But you have the option to add your own custom domain for branding and we highly recommend this.

  • A/B TestingYou can perform A/B tests by evenly splitting the requests to two different urls. By this you can easily identify which page is performing better using a single link.

  • SplitterFor splitting incoming requests based on weight, you can use splitter. This works based on weighted algorithm and acts like a load balancer

In-depth Statistics

You get wealth of information regarding your link performance. You can get metrics related to total clicks, unique clicks, human clicks, bot clicks, overall click stats, device list, top countries, top cities, top browsers, most popular hours, most popular days, top sources, top languages and top platform. 

Note: Clicks that come from same IP in the last 30 mins will not be considered as unique click

Responsive Support

We provide support through chat and e-mail and it is included for all packages. You can use the chat bubble at the bottom right of our website and app to start interacting with our customer support.